TeleScreen-32 Pro PC TelePrompter Software

Being natural is the key to good acting and teleprompting. Here's some tips that might help make your novice into Marlon Brando's using your prompting software:

First and foremost create an environment that makes the actor comfortable. If the teleprompting set is noisy, the director is tense, the location cold or shooting before a big exam -- actors can understandably feel stressed. Do everything to create a comfortable environment for actors to work in (shoot on weekends, quiet set, fun atmosphere, no egos or unnecessary pressure).

Film and teleprompting directing and  is not about teaching actors to act -- they need to learn that stuff themselves (either by taking acting workshops or working on lots of film and learning by seeing themselves on screen). Film and teleprompting directing is about casting you. Understanding this is significant! They seek Cast actors for a look and "tone", and will always discuss the telescript  to come to a clear understanding of how the stories need to be presented.

Remind actors that the less they do on a teleprompting set the better. They should be aware of the camera at all times so they can angle their face in a way to better record gestures and important features -- however they should not overact. All mannerisms need to be taken right down, this includes movement and facial gestures (especially during teleprompting close ups). TELEPROMPTER ACTING IS ALL WITH THE EYES. Don't mistake shuffling about and gesturing wildly as good prompting . This just makes it harder to hit marks and for the camera operator to stay in frame. Good luck!!!

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